Environment Policy

The Novocoop Ltd. commitments to environment oriented production. Within this we are following the rules of environment protection. We aspire to prevent the environment pollution, reducing the consumed natural resources and the quantity of nascented waste matter. 1st February 2008, we laid on Environment Orientated Management System. We aspiring to preserving our natural treasures and donít endanger our environment during our activities.

For this purpose:

- We cooporating with authorities, self-goverments, our cliens and transportation
- We continuously take notice of environment protection regulations
- Reducing our garblings production, reusing and recycling is very important ourselves
- New investments, technology developing, new products introduction according to the
  natural modulus
- Our intent to save our natural resources during our activities.
- We prefer the reducing of utilization, we controlling our energy usage, especially
  the electric current.
- With trains we teach our colleagues, how they can save the natural resources and
  how can they reduce the utilizations