Our company has an significant vocational knowledge and many decade of experience in the Thermosetting and Injection molding area.

Now, we producing with 31 injection moulding machines including 3 machines what we can use for thermosetting also. Our machinesís clamping force is 250-8000 kN, the maximum injected parts weight is 3500 gr.

Our machines is mainly ENGEL machines, but we have Battenfeld and other types also. Mainly part of our machines has an Engel and Withmann robothands.

In our thermosetting workstation we can processes resins, SMC and BMC with 7 pcs 600-2500 kN press machine.We have a vacuumforming machine with 1280 x 800 mm table, what we use for an 0,1-6 mm sheets. We also have an tampoprinting machine and Hot-stamping machine. Just as there is an separated division for plastic parts painting with waterbase and solvent base paints in high quality.