The objective of Novocoop Ltd. is to satisfy of our Clients (Customers), other stakeholders and the society  expectations during the production of plastic parts, thereby consolidating our market position and gaining a good reputation from both our existing and potential Clients and cooperating partners. 

In order to achieve the this goal, our Company has developed an integrated management system in accordance with both MSZ EN ISO 9001 and MSZ EN ISO 14001, which we continuously maintains and further develops. The commitment of top management at all levels of the Company’s organization should make the quality and environment-oriented approach a principle of daily work, framed by the Company’s Quality and Environment-Centered Integrated Management Manual. Under the management of managers, all employees of our Company are responsible for the fulfillment of the requirements set forth in the Manual and other regulatory documents of the integrated management system, and make it mandatory to perform quality work, comply with the requirements of the integrated management system and contribute  its continuous development.

The Company’s management undertakes to fully comply with the applicable environmental legislation and other requirements for our activities, and we strive to prevent and reduce pollution as much as possible by continuously monitoring the environmental impacts of our activities and taking into account the environmental aspects.

By operating the quality management and environmental management system, we want to develop:

internal and external cooperation
the internal management and regulation system
human, professional and technical resources
the internal information and control system
effective fulfillment of the requirements of customers and other stakeholders

Our Mission:

managing and supervising work with personal involvement
involving employees in decision making
decision-making based on facts
building partnerships with our clients, suppliers and subcontractors; and
developing a process and systems approach in all our employees

We believe in quality management and environmental management system
by operating and continuously improving the quality, the environmental performance. We meet the
compliance with our obligations, at reduced cost & we meet deadlines on time.
We ensure the satisfaction of our clients, other stakeholders and society.